Ten more Dekton Slims from Cosentino

On the Houzz wesbite, Cosentino has posted '10 Kitchen Trends Sizzling Into 2020'*. It says "Be a step ahead in the style game with these game-changing kitchen trends from those in the know."

Number five of the 10 says:

5. Slim Surfaces

Not only offering a sleek and streamlined finish, slim [surfaces] and cladding for cabinetry is a uniquely clever option for creating a sense of space in compact kitchens. “For those living in urban high-rises, space can be at a premium,” says Laura. “Opting for thinner surfaces works in the same way as opting for a lighter colour scheme and smaller furnishings – it can trick the eye into seeing the room as being more spacious and airy.”

Taking its own advice and no doubt helping to turn the prediction into a self-fulling prophesy, Cosentiono has now added 10 designs to its 4mm thick Dekton Slim offering.

Dekton Slim was introduced in February this year (2019). Being thinner, it is, of course, lighter than the superdense 20mm or 30mm Dekton, and weighs in at 10kg/m2. That makes it easier to install and has the additional benefit of making it easy to cut on-site using tiling tools.

And because less material is used to make it, Cosentino is able to sell it at a lower price than the thicker versions. 

Dekton thin was launched in nine colours. Now come an additional six matt colours, including Dekton’s most popular Trilium and Aura15 available as a bookmatched design, and four polished XGloss designs, including bookmatched Natura18.

Dekton XGloss is mechanically polished to a high shine and finished with a nano-technological treatment that Cosentino says really makes it sparkle.

Although Dekton Slim is not suitable for kitchen worktops, the company suggests using it for walls and doors, table tops, splashbacks and kitchen and bathroom furniture. 

Dekton is manufactured by crushing particles of 20 or so different minerals with a force of 25,000 tonnes then cooking it in 200m long ovens at temperatures of up to 1,200ºC.

Jumbo slab sizes of 3200mm x 1400mm are produced for fewer joints and a premium look.

*To see all 10 of the predictions, go to bit.ly/houzztop10

Below. Dekton Slim in XGloss Arga on the table top and cupboard doors.