Traditional Roofing: Facing the challenge in the 21st century

Roofs play a significant role in defining the built heritage. Historic England explored some of the issues involving roofs at a major conference in London in March titled Traditional Roofs: Facing the Challenge in the 21st Century.

Historic England is running a campaign this year to highlight local identity. It has planned a series of events and activities to explore personal connections with local places and inspire people to share why the sense of local identity means so much to them.

Although some of the activities will have to be postponed or take a different form as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Historic England still hopes to get the nation talking about the historic places that help define it and the diversity of its regions.

Duncan Wilson OBE, the Chief Executive of Historic England, said in his introduction to the Historic England conference on traditional roofing yesterday (3 March) that the conference was part of that campaign.

You can read a report from the conference in the April issue of Natural Stone Specialist magazine. Subscribe here so you don't miss out.

Historic England has several publications to help with roofing and more are on the way. You can find out what is available by downloading the PDF below.