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Daniel Young joined the construction industry following a work experience opportunity. Read his story here.

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As reported at the Natural Stone Industry Training Group (NSITG) meeting last month (November), the Construction Industry Training Board is developing ‘taster’ work experience opportunities in construction for youngsters considering what route to take as they conclude their time at school.

Claire Wallbridge, the NSITG Training Officer, has asked stone companies, especially contractors, to help deliver these work experience ‘tasters’ by offering opportunities for youngsters to work on their sites.

All the youngsters will be older than 16 so they will meet health & safety requirements, and participating will enable contractors to meet 106 requirements for social values, which is useful as contractors are often required to include apprenticeship placements without too much consideration of what that involves for the contractor.

In order to develop these ‘tasters’ the CITB would greatly appreciate some input from the industry about how best to showcase opportunities for working in construction, all sectors of which are currently crying out for more employees.

It is looking for input to help it understand:

  • the current offer
  • what makes a good taster/work experience session
  • how best to showcase opportunities in construction to the widest possible audience
  • the challenges employers face when offering these opportunities.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete (perhaps a bit longer if you give particularly thoughtful responses). It is at

CITB wants as many responses as possible in order to identify common themes. It will then develop ‘how to’ guides for tasters and work experience covering all the challenges identified. This will be available as a free download for companies to use in order to offer work experience and tasters.

Precisely what the pack will contain depends on the feedback, but it is intended to include all the information a firm will need to help it offer the best experience for the youngsters taking part, both to encourage them into the industry and to retain them.

The pack is likely to include a timetable or tick list identifying areas to be covered and providing a record that they have been covered. It might also include information about the facilities and considerations required for the youngsters during their placements.

But precisely what it includes is down to those who complete the questionnaire – and the more who do so the more the resulting material is likely to contain what you need. So, once again, the link to the survey is: