FEE-NEUTRAL QUALIFICATION OPPORTUNITY... CITB Specialist Applied-Skills Programme in Stone Fixing L2 NVQ

Get more information about the Specialist Applied-Skills Programme (SAP) in Stone Fixing L2 NVQ from [email protected]

If you have an employee who you need to get NVQ certified so that you can keep them on site, and who requires work-based upskill mentoring and some minimally contract intrusive formal training, the Specialist Applied-Skills Programme (SAP) in Stone Fixing L2 NVQ is for you.

The SAP means the successful candidate can apply for a 3-year Trainee CSCS card that keeps them at work. Once they have achieve the NVQ they can apply for a blue, Skilled Worker CSCS card.

Priestman Associates LLP are the national tender holder and scheme authors for the CITB Specialist Applied-Skills Programme for this occupational area. The programme costs £4,900 per person, but a company will be asked to make only two instalments of £500 per person and even that will be more than covered by a CITB grant.

To find out more, email Mark Priestman at [email protected] with 'SAP FP' as the subject. Give your name, telephone/mobile number and your company name and address. State  whether or not your company is CITB registered and how many employees you are interested in enrolling.

Mark will send you a no obligation information PDF. This does not require any payment and does not commit you to anything further nor oblige you to make any payment at any time.