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Final assessment approved for stone Trailblazer

2 October 2020

The final assessment of stonemasonry Trailblazer apprenticeships has now been approved and the Trailblazer is ready to be signed off by the Department for Education. These are students at the Building Crafts College hand-working limestone.

Stone's Trailblazer Apprenticeship has had it’s 'End Point Assessment' (final exam) signed off by the Institute for Apprenticeships, set up by the government to oversee the creation of Trailblazer apprenticeships.

The government has given itself exclusivity on apprenticeships, which now all have to be Trailblazers. Other training continues but is not allowed to be called an apprenticeship.

Agreement of the end point assessment means the Trailblazer for stonemasons is now complete... well, almost. It is still awaiting final sign off from the Department for Education regarding the grant that will be assigned to the delivery of it.

Colleges in England that intend to deliver the new apprenticeship are Bath College, Building Craft College London, York College and Weymouth College. York College says if the grant is agreed in time it intends to start the first year with a three week block attendance commencing on 30 November.

Claire Wallbridge, the Natural Stone Industry Training Group and Stone Federation StoneTrain Training Officer, says: "We have received huge support and input from Steve Potter, our assigned Institute for Apprenticeship Manager, and he is pushing to get the final process secured on behalf of the whole sector."

Once the grant is agreed, colleges will be in a position to start delivering the apprenticeship qualification, which has to include off-site training at college as well as on-site training with a company. Anyone wanting to take on apprentices and obtain the CITB grant for them should contact their preferred college to make arrangements.

If you need any help, Claire Wallbridge would be happy to oblige. Email her on [email protected].

Otherwise, take a look at the website:


Submitted by Keith Stuart Murray on
If your serious about the prevention of lung disease make sure you don't adourn your front page with mask-less apprentices carving stone along side a headline 'HSE to crack down on dust in the work place'

A good point, but it is limestone they are working and they are working it by hand. There is very little dust and what there is contains considerably less than the exposure limit of respirable crystalline silica. Possibly it would be sensible for them to wear masks but not legally required.

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