£18,000 to continue your training available from QEST

Grants from QEST

The next round of applications for up to £18,000 from QEST open on 10 July.

The next round of applications for up to £18,000 a time from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) opens on 10 July. The money is to enable you to continue to develop your craft skills. You have until 14 August to apply.

Since it was created in 1990, QEST has awarded £5.5million to 800 individuals in more than 130 different crafts, including stonemasonry and stone carving. A directory of all those who have received scholarships can be seen on the QEST website (www.qest.org.uk) along with more details on how to apply.

In addition to QEST’s Scholarship and Apprenticeship funding, it has this summer launched an Emerging Maker Grant. This is to support talented early-career craftspeople through the launch of their businesses. Craftspeople that have set themselves up in business in the previous four years can apply for up to £10,000.

The funding specifically supports training and education, enabling you to enhance your craft skills and advance your career. The training can take many forms, from traditional college courses to vocational one-on-one training with a master craftsperson or a bespoke programme of short courses.

QEST is running three ‘How To’ sessions on Zoom to introduce those interested in applying for the grants to the different funding available, with tips and advice for filling in your application. There will be opportunities for a Q&As. The first on how to apply for a Scholarship is 12 July, 1-2pm. Click here to register.

On 18 July is a webinar on how to apply for an Apprenticeship. To register for that click here. And on 20 July is a presentation about how to apply for an Emerging Markers Grant – register here.

For more details on the funding opportunities available see: www.qest.org.uk/apply