Tyrolit launches HS-3 diamond tools for natural and engineered stone in Las Vegas

Tyrolit's HS-3 CNC tools previewed at Marmo+Mac in Verona are being officially launched globally at StonExpo in Las Vegas, USA, this month (28 to 30 January).

Tyrolit's series of HS-3 CNC tools previewed at Marmo+Mac in Verona in September are being officially launched globally at StonExpo in Las Vegas, USA, this month (28 to 30 January).

The HS-3 range is part of the Epic set of profiling wheels. They provide consistent quality that lasts throughout the lifetime of the wheel.

HS-3 tools are consistent over the working surface to reduce profile deformation, thanks to a new manufacturing process that allows longer intervals between tool re-profiling and changes. There is also a new bond that enables HS-3 wheels to reach working speeds of better than 9m/min.

HS-3 wheels are available with various profiles and diameters with simplified shapes to give clear lines and a truely Tyrolit finish.

During the past decades both architecture and interior decoration have been moving towards a minimalistic design with clear lines, flat surfaces and simpler shapes, making it important to keep a superior quality of finish on worktop edges. Even the smallest defects are more noticeable on a minimalistic design.

Since CNC machines were first used in stone fabrication, Tyrolit, a family-owned business based in Schwaz (Austria), has supplied top quality profiling tools. The new HS-3 series lives up to that standard. 

Tyrolit says: "Flexibility, perfect hardness distribution, increased service life, extremely high speed and outstanding edge quality of the work piece place the HS-3 series at the forefront of profiling tools in the CNC profiling wheel spectrum."

Tyrolit is part of the Swarovski Group with more than a century of individual corporate and technological experience behind it.