Veteran lettercutter Ieuan Rees goes viral

Lettercutter Ieuan Rees has become a YouTube sensation with a video that was recorded in 2012.

Ieuan, from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, Wales, is now 78 years old. The video has suddenly attracted attention – and it has had more than two-and-a-quarter million views – thanks to something called autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), which is a tingling sensation created by certain sounds. Not everyone experiences it but those who do seek it out and have found it in Ieuan Rees' video. Others have found inspiration in his words of wisdom.

The sound that apparently causes ASMR on the video is Ieuan’s soothing Welsh-accent commentary about his lettercutting and carving accompanied by the tapping of his chisel as he works on slate.

The video is likely to receive even more views now because it has been featured on BBC television. You can see the BBC report here

The video that has attracted so much attention on YouTube is shared below.