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Alok Sharma, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, has praised the construction industry for continuing to work. Meanwhile, the police have been rather enthiusiastic about enforcing the shut-down. They have told people on their way to work that construction is not essential. At least one specialist contractor says they have been fined for not staying at home, although that was before Alok Sharma wrote his letter.

If building sites are going to remain open, people making the products they use have to stay open as well.

Perhaps the economic reality of everything except hospitals, pharmacies and food shops closing down is starting to occur to politicians - hence Alok Sharma's comment in his letter to the construction industry: "I salute you for the enormous efforts you are undertaking to support the UK economy."

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, has said £350billion will be allocated to help businesses and individuals to survive the shut-down but the money is taking its time to reach the parts that matter. Banks are moving to the government-backed loans only when they have exhausted personal guarantee options of business owners. The self-employed cannot claim their £2,500 a month until the end of a three-month period ending with June. Neither can firms that have put people on furlough claim back the government's 80% (max again £2,500 a month) until after June.

In Ireland help has come straight away. Anyone signing on because of losing their job due to Covid-19 gets €340 a week after five days.

It is said there is going to be a baby boom in nine months time. There might be a divorce boom before then. Do you have children who expect you to know all the answers their teachers know? Or who are sighing with relief at not having to take exams?

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