CITB funds free mentoring to help smaller firms go digital

Free mentoring on going digital

CITB is funding free mentoring to get smaller construction companies going digital.

A new free mentoring service has been launched to help you implement digital processes and techniques in your business.

Digital Construction Skills (DCS) is funded by CITB to help construction companies develop the skills they need to drive their digital transformation.

With a strong focus on smaller (SME) business owners, directors, and senior managers, DCS aims to demystify digital tools and help businesses choose the best products to align with their goals.

All the mentors on the programme have recent, real-world experience on the front line of the construction industry and are specialists in the technical and commercial aspects of digital construction.

This includes digitalising information flow and physical elements, such as 3D models and reality capture.

There are many benefits to adopting digital practices. It could help you to reduce admin time and costs, improve safety and quality, and keep digital records to speed up payment, protect against claims, and complete your tax returns. It can also increase productivity of engineers and other site staff.

Because time is always at a premium for companies, DCS will make the mentoring process as simple and focussed as possible.

There are no forms to fill in, you simply book a 15-, 30- or 60-minute meeting with a digital construction specialist.

DCS also offers mentoring at various stages of a business’s digital journey, from the very start when you have not yet explored how digital tools can support your business, through to guidance on accessing a range of funding and support available for digital adoption, and then to implementation.

Saffron Grant, Managing Director at Digital Constructions Skills, said: “Digital leadership skills are so important because the way we work is changing.

“Understanding the benefits of digital technologies, and how they can help you achieve your business goals can ensure your business remains competitive and profitable in a rapidly changing landscape.

“This mentoring service can help you select the digital tools that are right for your company and get the very best out of them. The programme is supported by free eLearning modules, training courses and other valuable resources.”

Feedback has also been shared by businesses that have received support from the service.

For example, Andy Dalrymple, Managing Director at Mackenzie Construction, says: “Digital Construction Skills helped us access funding to help us train our staff in a new digital platform we are rolling out across our business.”

Ed Clement, Owner of Patterson Bailey Engineers: “Thanks to free support from Digital Construction Skills I am adding several new revenue streams to my business, including carrying out drone surveys and setting out construction works.”

David Minns, Operations Director, GAC Environmental: “The support helped us get all the right people together in one room, and get to the point where we were able to make a clear decision on the priority areas for digital tools.”

To book a 15-minute, 30-minute or one-hour call, click here.