Happy Christmas


Happy Christmas

Next year Natural Stone Specialist will be printed six times instead of the current ten, while the frequency of the emailed Bulletin is increasing to twice monthly. The move reflects the growing importance of digital platforms as the way we expect to receive our information. If you do not currently get the Stone Bulletin emailed to you, you can sign up to receive it at bit.ly/NSSbulletin.

But we know many people still like a printed magazine, so it will come out every other month with in-depth coverage of the industry. Subscriptions will be altered so nobody loses out on the number of issues they have paid for.

If you would like to see a project you are proud of featured in Natural Stone Specialist and on this website send a few details to Eric the Editor at [email protected]

To subscribe to Natural Stone Specialist magazine call Sue in subs on 0115 945 3884, email [email protected], or subscribe online at bit.ly/NSSsubs