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New product aims at stone market

15 March 2008

A new product called Dyynamix is being introduced to the housing market to replace stone cills, hoods, quoins, door and window frames, string courses and other stone features.

It has been developed by a Scottish company now called Dyynateq. They were previously called Glass Reinforced Products Ltd but say the name change reflects the move into products other than GRP that they do not want associated with plastic.

Dyynamix has already been used on some projects, including as a substitute for granite on houses in Aberdeen. It has also now been specified for a housing project in Manchester and is being considered for a development in the Midlands.

Dyynamix might prove popular at the lower end of the housing market and with timber frame construction because of its light weight, but further up the market it could well suffer the drawback of all products intended to imitate stone - that they are not the genuine article.


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