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Redefining granite

14 May 2008

The stone industry is used to seeing man-made products being presented as if they were stone, but one website drawn to the attention of NSS by reader Bert Smith takes the biscuit.

It appears on the website of Carron Phoenix in Falkirk, who claim to be "the UK\'s largest dedicated sink producer".

Under the heading "About Granite" they say: "Granite is the toughest sink material on the market today. It is made from an advanced blend of Quartz crystals and acrylic resin and has a smooth, silky texture."

If you want to register your complaint about the company\'s hijacking of the word \'granite\', go to

And if any other readers have examples of stone terms being purloined by the manufacturers of man-made products, do let us know. Send an email to: [email protected]


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