Nominate someone you know who deserves recognition for excellence in stonemasonry

The Masons' Livery Company is inviting nominations for the Duke of Gloucester Award for Excellence in Stonemasonry.

The Masons’ Livery Company, in conjunction with Stone Federation Great Britain, is inviting nominations for the Duke of Gloucester Award for Excellence in Stonemasonry. The deadline for nominations is Thursday 30 September this year.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their skills in stonemasonry, this is an excellent way to show your appreciation.

The Masons’ Company has recently completed a full review of the criteria for the Duke of Gloucester Craft Awards that it presents every other year, and from now on there will be two categories, rather than the previous one.

Category 1:

Individual masons from two to 10 years’ post qualification experience (Level 3 or equivalent) who demonstrate exceptional craft skills overall and has the potential to grow as their careers progress.

This award is designed to encourage and recognise younger people’s development. A successful applicant will require the following:

  • a portfolio of work (with photographs and drawings as appropriate) that highlights their development and increasing levels of skill since qualification
  • supporting written endorsements from employers and/or clients, architects, surveyors, local authorities etc, as appropriate
  • experience of both workshop and site work
  • the ability to work with, and interpret, drawings
  • demonstration of a knowledge of stone selection
  • the ability to produce setting out templates on refurbishment and/or new build projects

Category 2:

Individual masons or small teams working together, with no time limits on experience post qualification (Level 3 or equivalent), who have demonstrated high levels of craft skills in one or more masonry specialism.

This award is designed to recognise diversity and differing rates of development and skill across all ages. It is also designed to recognise those who have developed and sustained a career in a particular stonemasonry specialism.

The same evidence as in Category 1 is required.

For both Categories, nominations can be made by individuals, their employers or professionals and clients they have worked with.

The objective of the award is to encourage and sustain the highest standards in all aspects of the craft of stonemasonry.

The Worshipful Company of Masons, as the Livery Company is properly known, introduced the Duke of Gloucester Award in 2007. HRH The Duke of Gloucester lends his tittle to the Award as he has been a Liveryman of the Masons’ Company since 1975.

The Duke, through his architectural background, has a keen interest in the construction industry, our national heritage and in the training of craftsmen and women in stonemasonry.

The Masons’ Company is one of the City of London’s oldest Livery Companies with records dating back to 1356. It was formed to safeguard the welfare of its members and to regulate the craft of stonemasonry, so that standards could be properly maintained.

Today the Masons’ Company is active in the support of the craft by sponsoring students and apprentices in approved courses in stonemasonry and stone carving, including some in Higher Education.

The Company is keen to foster, encourage and reward stonemasons in the early years of their development and continue this support though individual masons’ careers by participation in the Livery Company Skills Council Master Craftsman Award Scheme, which also encompasses Journeyman Masons and Apprentices.

Nominations for the Duke of Gloucester Award must be submitted on the official application form and supplemented by photographs (preferably submitted digitally) showing examples of work. The entry form must contain details of the mason’s employment history and the projects submitted in support, which must be dated.

There are three levels of award in each category: Excellent, Highly Commended and Commended. The awards will consist of a prize to the value of £500 for Excellent, £300 for Highly Commended and £200 for Commended. Each award winner will also receive a certificate and the Masons’ Company might also invite Award winners to apply to become a Yeoman Mason of the Company.

You can download an entry form for the Award from the Masons Company website here, or request an entry form from: The Clerk, The Worshipful Company of Masons, 8 Little Trinity Lane, London, EC4V 2AN. Or by emailing the Clerk at [email protected].

The entry form can also be downloaded below if you can see the PDF icon, although some computers hide the icon from you.