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Natural Stone Memorials

The latest news from the Stone Industry

David Francis

David Francis, who sadly died on 7 August after a long and fulfilling life in the stone industry. He is a great loss to the industry.

14 August 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
Written by Douglas Swan of Douglas Swan & Sons, monumental sculptors in Kirkcudbright in Dumfries & Galloway for more than 155 years, in conjunction with Pam Francis, David’s widow....
Geology in gravestones exhibition

An exhibition called The Geology of Oxford Gravestones opens in the Blackwell Hall, Weston Library, Broad Street, Oxford, on Saturday 17 July and runs until 12 September.

15 July 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
For geologists – whether amateur, student or professional – almost any urban cemetery provides an opportunity to carry out scientific field work, right on your doorstep and at no cost....
British Normandy Memorial

The British Normandy Memorial commemorating those under British command who lost their lives on D-Day in 1944 and the subsequent Battle of Normandy.

12 July 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
Stone specialist S McConnell & Sons worked with architect Liam O’Connor to produce this worthy memorial to 22,442 people who fought and died in the name of freedom.Long overdue. That’...
Odlings Farndale

The Farndale memorial from Odlings in a Lavender Blue granite. Odlings was 150 years old last year but celebrations were unfortunately curtailed by Covid.

12 June 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
Although memorial masons are receiving lots of enquiries and orders, Brexit and the pandemic have combined to hit supplies. It might have been known as the year of the Brexit transition had that...
Cromer War Memorial

Cromer War Memorial following its renovation by Cliveden Conservation, which gained the company an Award in the Carving, Lettering & Sculpture category of 2020's 20th Natural Stone Awards, presented online only this year.

11 June 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
During the centenary of World War I between 2014 and 2018 many memorials erected to those who lost their lives in the erroneously named ‘war to end all wars’ were renovated. One of those...
Normandy D-Day Memorial

The Massangis limestone memorial in Normandy to those under British command who died on D-Day and in the subsequent battle was unveiled on Sunday, 6 June.

7 June 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
The British Normandy Memorial officially opened on Sunday 6 June, 77 years to the day since D-Day, when the armed forces of Britain and its allies landed on the beaches of Normandy in an operation...
CoE Contested Heritage report

A 32-page report from the Church of England tells churches and cathedrals how to address historic racism recorded in stone and glass in the buildings. The report can be downloaded here.

16 May 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials | 2 Comments
Both the Church of England and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have faced up to the fact that Britain’s imperial past had an element of racism about it that is preserved on memorials in...
Cemetery of the Year Award

There is a new £1,000 prize for the best memorial in the Cemetery of the Year Awards this year.

22 March 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
A new category for ‘best memorial’ in the Cemetery of the Year Awards (CYA) gives masons a chance to win £1,000, thanks to the sponsorship of BRAMM, the register of approved...
memorial foundation

Norrvidinge of Sweden has made a memorial foundation using recycled plastic.

11 March 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials
Prompted by the announcement  in the previous issue of NSS that Stone Safe is offering a recycled plastic ground anchor for its headstone stability system, a company in Sweden got in touch to...
Stone-Safe logo

Stone-Safe has developed an ecological recycled plastic memorial headstone fixing system.

17 January 2021 | Natural Stone Memorials | 1 Comment
The Stone-Safe memorial headstone fixing system has been developed to be used with an ecologically sound recycled plastic ground anchor. The Stone-Safe system is an indisputedly secure headstone...
The Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme

The Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme. Renovation work resumes in March.

10 December 2020 | Natural Stone Memorials
A major restoration of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s largest memorial in the world – the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme – has taken an important step...
Cemetery of the Year Award

The staff selfie from St Helen’s Cemetery, Merseyside, with their Silver Award certificate in the Large Burial Ground category of the Cemetery of the Year Awards.

12 November 2020 | Natural Stone Memorials
Despite the Coronavirus restrictions that have put Burial Authorities under increased pressure this year, with many Cemetery Managers working from home, the Cemetery of the Year Awards received more...
Normandy Memorial

160 post-tensioned Massangis limestone columns carry the names of 22,442 people who died in the D-Day landings and subsequent battle of Normandy.

14 September 2020 | Natural Stone Memorials | 3 Comments
Architect Liam O’Connor and stonemasons S McConnell & Sons, who worked together on the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum and the Bomber Command Memorial in Green...
Carrie Horwood war memorial

A close up of Carrie's lettering on the natural stone face of the war memorial she is carving.

4 September 2020 | Natural Stone Memorials
Carrie Horwood of Cat’s Eye Carving in Lydney, Gloucestershire, has resumed work on a commission for a First & Second World War memorial that had been delayed by the coronavirus lockdown....
Black Labrador memorial

The new memorial produced by Draper Memorials, who are proud of their work.

12 August 2020 | Natural Stone Memorials
You have to feel sorry for Ian Credland of Draper Memorials in Lincolnshire. He does a lot of work for the RAF, as he has done since 1974. In June he was asked to re-word the memorial to a dog owned...