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The latest news from the Stone Industry

CIOB says construction industry is twice the official size

The latest report from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) says the construction industry makes at least twice the contribution to the national economy as official figures say.

27 February 2020 | Market Intelligence
A new 68-page report from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) says the construction industry is about twice the size official figures say it is.The assertion is made in The Real Face of...
C-Guide launch

Pictured at the official UK launch of C-Guide in Cosentino City London are (left to right): journalist and writer Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, who hosted the event; Tom Dyckhoff, the British writer, broadcaster and historian on architecture, design and cities; Rafael de la-Hoz Castanys and Jorge Martin Gacia from La Fundación Arquitectura Contemporáne.

25 February 2020 | Market Intelligence
There are two websites that are a bit unusual and could make a difference to the stone industry in the UK. One is new. The other was launched in 2009 and is about be relaunched.The one launched in...

Flooding is a growing problem. Could permeable stone landscaping help provide an answer?

15 February 2020 | Market Intelligence
As flooding once again hits communities all over the UK it is clear it is a growing problem. Yet sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) tend to be an afterthought in most hard landscaping in England, in...

In 2015 mobile devices became responsible for more than 50% of web traffic and some say it is now as much as 70%.

15 February 2020 | Market Intelligence
The Mystery Surfer revisits the websites of the stone industry and is generally impressed, but has some advice on getting noticed. Back in the day I was this magazine’s Mystery Surfer. The...
J Rotherham stone company headquarters

The headquarters of J Rotherham Masonry. More than 70 of the 200 people who lost their jobs when Administrators were appointed this month have contacted a law firm in the hope of receiving compensation because they say redundancy procedures were not adhered to.

14 February 2020 | Market Intelligence
Following the appointment of Administrators at stone company J Rotherham Masonry this month (read more...), 78 of the 200 or so people made redundant have contacted a law firm in the hope of claiming...
Worktop Fabricators Federation

Launching at KBB at the NEC Birmingham 1-4 March. Meet the founders on the Caesarstone and Cosentino stands.

14 February 2020 | Market Intelligence | 2 Comments
The Worktop Fabricators Federation, introduced in Natural Stone Specialist magazine in December, is being launched softly on 17 February and officially at the KBB exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham...
Stone contracting

Don't get caught out by a contract. Find out how to sharpen up on contracts at this learning and development day for sub-contractors in London on 19 March.

11 February 2020 | Market Intelligence | 1 Comment
This is a learning and development day for sub-contractors and contractors who want to raise their awareness of construction contracts and run them successfully. It takes place in London on...
NAMM Peter Hayman

Peter Hayman of NAMM with the van he uses to deliver training. He has been more involved with NAMM management since Phil Potts resigned as National Executive Officer nearly three years ago.

9 February 2020 | Market Intelligence
NAMM (National Association of memorial Masons) does seem to have more than its fair share of internecine conflict. The latest has stemmed from a three-day industrial tribunal last month (22-24...
Landscape Forum

The Landscape Forum is one of the sector focus groups of Stone Federation Great Britain.

2 February 2020 | Market Intelligence
Natural stone pavements have tangible benefits. Here’s an extract of an architect’s viewpoint on using natural stone when designing pavements:The treatment of the surface of streets and...
Robert Merry

Robert Merry writes about his month in stone in each issue of Natural Stone Specialist.

25 January 2020 | Market Intelligence
In response to this column in December about the white marble floor turning yellow I had several emails from marble folk, advice from an eminent geologist and contact from an architect who seems...
VR headset

Artifical intelligence, virtual reality, point cloud scanning, building information management... even stone is digital.

15 January 2020 | Market Intelligence
Building Information Modelling (BIM) may still be in its infancy but it is already beginning to look out of date as technology continues to evolve. And BIM is only one of the digital technologies...
Robert Merry

Merry Christmas.

12 December 2019 | Market Intelligence
A contractor calls. They have installed acres of 20mm Bianco P marble in a very large mansion on the top of an expensive hill in London. But the owner is upset. His nice white floor with its classic...

Founders of the Worktop Fabricators Federation (WFF) that will go live in the new year. They are (left to right): Simon Souter, Mark Mills, Andy Phillips, Mem Zekayi and Rob Jay.

8 December 2019 | Market Intelligence
Five worktop fabricators have formed an organisation called the Worktop Fabricators Federation (WFF). They plan to start accepting others from across the UK into membership in the new year, when they...
Planet Granite

Roberto Colonetti explains how to make a sink from porcelain slabs duirng the three-day workshop in the impressive showroom of Steve Murphy’s Planet Granite business near Coventry. 

26 November 2019 | Market Intelligence
Ever since tile manufacturers realised they could make porcelain slabs as big as those of stone and quartz they have had an eye on worktops.Stone fabricators paid £500 each to attend a three-...
DSWA calendar

The Dry Stone Walling Association calendar for 2020 can be bought from the organisation's website. 

16 November 2019 | Market Intelligence
The Dry Stone Walling Association has once again published a calendar for the coming year featuring dry stone walls from around the country. The calendars are £6.50 each. To buy a copy click...